Reiki and Reiki Training

Reiki healing energy handsReiki is an energy therapy that can help relax, energise and balance.  The practitioner channels energy into the client, allowing the energy to go to where the client needs it most. It works on physical, mental and emotional layers of your self, clearing out old energies and blocks. 

I practice Usui Reiki and Atlantean Reiki, the energies are different and if you are not specific about which you would like to experience, the energy will come through that you require.

If you have experienced Usui Reiki, Atlantean Reiki is a different energy, I find it lighter, more crystalline.  


Reiki Session- first session 1.5hr follow up sessions 1hr.


If you have any questions please get in touch using the contact me form


Usui Reiki Training

Reiki Course Outlines - each course requires a minimum contact time of 12 hours and includes a manual. Training times are flexible and can be run over one weekend or in the evening over four or five sessions.

Reiki One

  • History of Reiki
  • Introduction to chakras and auras
  • Grounding, protection and cleansing
  • Introduction to meditation
  • Hand positions for self and others
  • The Reiki Principles
  • Attunement to Reiki One Energy


Reiki Two

  • Refresher of Reiki One
  • Reiki energy and responsibility
  • Reiki symbols
  • Creating a healing space
  • How to set up a Reiki Share
  • Treating others
  • Considerations when going into practise
  • Visioning Exercise
  • Attunement to Reiki Two Energy


Atlantean Reiki Attunements

Atlantean Reiki attunements are offered to those already attuned to Reiki Master level. Distance attunements are offered as well as in-person.


If you have any questions please get in touch using the contact me form.

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