Laughter Yoga

laughter yoga feeling great happy good joyfulLaughter yoga is a wonderful way of connecting in with your inner joy. During a Laughter Yoga session you take part in different laughing exercises, that work your diaphragm and increase the oxygen into your blood. Laughter Yoga is done without the need for humour, jokes or funny things happening. You choose to laugh, firstly often by faking it, then allowing the natural laughter to come through. 

I love to work with groups of people who are up for it, ready to try out something different. Contact me to book in an initial chat about Laughter Yoga and then book me for an hour or two session.

Laughter Yoga works wonderfully as a team building or wellness activity. I can run sessions that last from 20 minutes to a whole day. Just 10 minutes of good belly laughter changes your body creating that wonderful positive energy boost.


During a long conference the time after lunch can be challenging for people - bring in a Laughter Yoga Leader to liven and energise the group.

If you have any questions please get in touch using the contact me form.




Feedback from recent Laughter Yoga sessions

Best Bits

"The gibberish"   "All – great start to the day"    "Laughing talking rubbish"    "Acting silly"      "Laughing"   

"Laughing! Having to laugh with people you’d never met, being told that the laughter session was equivalent to half an hour on the rowing machine" 

"Trying different exercise to encourage movement and ease of laughter"      

"Being together with everyone doing something completely unexpected"    

"Team bonding through laughter yoga"    "Laughing"


Laughter Yoga today helped me...

"Relax"    "Look at laughter in a different way"    "Understand how to break ice and de stress"    

"Realise we don’t need a reason to laugh!"    "Be able to laugh without a reason"   

"To deal with any situation, I may have to share this with my family and friends"

"Get to know other volunteers"    "Have fun"    "Be less stressed"   

"Understand impact on families and obstacles they may face, not to take life too seriously"

"It is such a good idea, but did not see that when the training started "

"I felt a complete twit this but I think so did everyone else and it certainly was great fun!"


If you have any questions please get in touch using the contact me form.

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