Find Your Joy Formula


Do you feel tired, anxious, confused and not really know where you are going?

Do you feel like the daily grind drags you down? That happiness and joy are far away goals, things you don't know how to achieve, or if they are even possible? Especially with your life as it is now.

Are you ready to take the next steps?

Do you need a framework to guide you through what your life could look like?

Do you want to be in control of enjoying your life? Reduce your stress?

Really FEEL a positive difference?


joyful uplifting feeling great in an open field with sunshine on a smilling faceFinding Your Joy Formula Programs will empower you, enable you to be more in control and focussed in your life. It will increase what positives you know about yourself and help you to a more joy filled and happier life. If you are ready then click Here (opens a new Window or Tab)


These programs are intense and concentrated to enable improvements quickly in your life, I love to see changes and hearts smile. To gain the most from these programs you will need to set aside some time to work with the content and carry out some experiments for yourself.

I recommend a minimum amount of the same time we are on call s together.The more time you can put in the more you can get out, and I am there each step of the way to support and help you out.


The three month package enable you to dive deeply into the work, getting a good grounding in the techniques I use. The package includes all the resources you need to enable you to easily transform your life.


6 month Smile Program includes: Breakthrough session, The Joy Journey, Finding Your Joy Formula Workbook, Templates, email support and monthly 1:1 sessions


12 month Happy Package includes: Breakthrough sessions , The Joy Journey, Finding Your Joy Formula Workbook, templates email support and monthly 1:1 sessions 


Lets have a getting to know each other chat to see if we want to work together and what we will work on. 


If you have got to this point, it's likely that you want to work with me. Please apply by email at



Specialised ViP Options are also available - discovery session to be booked first. At discovery session ViP package will be designed and priced. To book discovery session use contact form below.


If you have any questions please get in touch using the contact me form

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