Dru Yoga

dru yoga registered teacher trainedDru Yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation. With its foundations set firmly in ancient yogic tradition, Dru works on body, mind and spirit—improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, building a heightened feeling of positivity, and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating your whole being.

Designed to be practised by people of all abilities, all fitness levels and all age groups, Dru is a style of yoga that can be quickly dipped into or learnt in more depth over a lifetime.  Take a look at the different classes and sessions available below:



Micro Dru Yoga Class Booking In Advance Required, Warfield

Mondays, Wednesdays and alternate Tuesdays

9:30am - 10:30am

Get in touch for payment options.

Bring along your mat and a blanket for relaxation.

If you do not have a mat, we have some that you can borrow. Don't let that stop you coming along!


Personal Dru Yoga Class

I also offer 1:1 and 1:2 classes in my own home in Warfield, Berkshire, or in your home.


To see improvement in yourself and get the most from Yoga 3 Month Packages can then be booked in advance

Basic Package - Fortnightly sessions

Standard Package - Weekly sessions 

Executive Package - contact to discuss your requirements


Keep up to date with Yoga Class updates by subscribing here (clicking here opens a new Window or Tab).


Dru yoga works on body mind and spirit improving strength and flexibility creating core stabilityWorkplace Yoga Classes

In the faced paced corporate world employees are finding their days increasingly stressful and many employers are looking ways to support and encourage wellness and relaxation. I provide relaxation, meditation and yoga classes at lunchtime and after work or even morning time slots to increase wellbeing with employees. Reduce stress and increase resiliance, employee satisfaction, engagement and enable your employees to achieve their best. Studies have proven that Yoga, Mindfullness and Meditation increase companies performance.

I currently work with BTG Camberley and previously EATON Slough and Mars Slough. 

The movements of Dru are ideal for increasing flexibility, energy and relaxation of your staff. This creates a more motivated energised and efficient working environment. Contact me by clicking here to enquire about which lunchtimes are available to offer this wonderful resource at your workplace.



 If you have any questions please get in touch using the contact me form.

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