Beating the January Blues



Beating The January Blues Program

More than a program, I am creating a community of people supporting each other, working together through the darkness of deep winter.


Do you feel more tired in the winter? Are you seeing any daylight? Do you go to work and go home in the dark? 

Do you feel down? Do you feel sad? Do you want to hide under your duvet and not speak to anyone?


Have you lost your energy for doing things? 


Would you like to be part of a community of people working together to support each other through the darkness?


What's included:


- Why the sunshine makes us feel better, how the darkness affects our moods

- How we can change the chemicals in our bodies to feel better

- What short and term changes we can make, and why both are neccessary

- Setting up the first 12 days of 2019  

- Journalling - a proven way to deal with your thoughts

- Joy Breaks - what they are and why we should take them

- How Laughter can help you

- Yoga and Pranayama 

- Dreams, Goals, Visions 



Information style videos you will have access to until Easter


Group Video Calls:

To check in with each other, assigning tasks, to have fun, to connect, to support. 


Group in facebook for feedback support and questions. 


This year I am running the program with all my positivity, energy and actions. I will be there with you each and every step of the way. 


All of this for only £80. If you are ready to join in the group, click on the paypal link below and join us in the group. 


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