Clear your space to move forward

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Published: Tuesday, 07 July 2015
Written by Sarah PJ White

Clearing space can be stimulating and rewarding. When it comes to new starts, creating optimism and having a renewed feeling of hope and anticipation, clearing space is key. Spring always brings with it an almost inbuilt need to have a clear out, spring clean and sort out to our physical space… but clearing your mind space can be just (if not more) rewarding!

Clearing your physical space

Clearing your physical space seems, on the surface, to be a simple case of removing old and unwanted items. There’s nothing better than having a good sort out and tidy up.

When it comes to clearing space, it’s always a good idea to start with one room at a time. If however, you have limited time or a lot of clearing to do, one room can seem too overwhelming for you. If this is the case, narrow your focus down even more, to one cabinet, one drawer or one shelf. You can then work up to clearing through the entire room.

A basic criteria to follow when clearing your physical space, is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I used this in the last 6 months?
  • Do I really like this?
  • What emotional attachment do I have to this – and is it one that’s positive?
  • Does the phrase “well, it might come in handy one day” spring to mind?
  • Am I keeping this because I want to or because I feel I “should”?

If you answer ‘no’ to first three and ‘yes’ to the last two – you need to get rid of the clutter it refers to!

Apart from clearing physical items, having a good spring clean also helps us clear out our mindset too. Why? Each of those items will have an emotional attachment, past memory and/or association attached to them – and they’ll not always be ones we want to have and remember! This is why we also need to work on clearing our mind space too.

Clearing mind space

As clearing your physical space can make you feel lighter and renewed, so can clearing your mind space too.

Your mind is full of non-physical clutter, some of which will be helpful, useful and positive – but there’s also the other stuff that helps hold us stuck and stagnant too. This clutter can be thought patterns, feelings, emotions and habits that are either remnants of old beliefs or current live wires in your mind.

Your mind cannot hold the space for two conflicting thought patterns at the same time. If you’re currently trying to change your mindset, you’ll also have associated thoughts and feelings attached to it too. You need to clear out ALL of this old stuff, to ensure you have room for the new – otherwise you may struggle to install the newer, more positive thoughts and beliefs, as your old ones are still occupying valuable mind space.

You have to start choosing which thoughts you’d like to keep and which one you’d like to let go off.

Sometimes this can be a simple process of making a conscious choice. Other times, you need to use techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique, affirming, chakra clearing and sway testing to help release associated fears, feelings and emotional attachments.

Free writing can be a great way to find those deeply buried thoughts and feelings that may still be lurking. Simply grab a pen, notepad and some quiet time to yourself and think about the belief, thought or feeling you want to get rid of. Now ask yourself thought-provoking questions such as:

  • How does that make me feel?
  • What does that remind me of?
  • Whose voice is saying that?
  • And then what?
  • What do I get from keeping this?

Going through your possessions and mindset can be quite an emotional experience, so remember to be gentle with yourself. Give yourself time and space to feel, experience and subsequently release the mind clutter within. This will ensure you have the space – both externally and internally – to move forward.

What one process or action can you put into place this week, to ensure you’re clearing your physical and emotional space to move forward?

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Would life coaching REALLY benefit you?

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Published: Tuesday, 30 June 2015
Written by Sarah PJ White

Life coaching. We understand that well-known personalities, politicians and actors etc all benefit from hiring a life coach. We even see the benefits they receive from that coaching – the habits they’ve broken, the positive ones they’ve gained and the spark they have back in their eyes – it’s obvious they love their life and are happy.

When it comes to ourselves hiring a life coach though, we hesitate. We worry about how we will actually benefit from life coaching. We stress about the cost and we think it’s something reserved for the ‘rich’ people.

The limiting beliefs we have

Those thoughts in themselves, actually highlight the REAL benefits, you as an individual will get from life coaching. They illustrate those limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back from:



  • Happiness
  • Financial success
  • Improved self confidence and esteem
  • Living your life, your way
  • Stretching yourself to achieve the goals and dreams you have

Isn’t coaching just for sports?

Look at it another way. When you mention ‘coaching’ most people will immediately think of sports coaching. We see the local football team, tennis player or other sporting individual who wants to improve their game, take on a coach.

After working with that coach they perform better, both as a team and as individuals, the individual and team as a whole are happier, their sponsors are happier, their fans are happier and the team’s financial and self worth improves.

We can SEE the benefits they are getting from their coach and consider it money well spent.

Individual life coaching

As an individual, life coaching can give you all of the same benefits. You want to change or improve an area of your life – whether it’s your finances, confidence, lifestyle, career etc. – and you want to see results. Like those sports players, you could keep practising and training, waiting (and hoping) you’ll improve and get better – or you could hire someone to look at what you’re doing and see if it’s:

  • WHAT you’re doing or not doing (your current stance)
  • HOW you’re doing (or not) doing it (your action steps and the practicalities)
  • WHY you’re doing it or not doing it (your mindset and those limiting thoughts and beliefs)

They can then give you a clear action plan to move you forward.

Life coaching is more than just coaching

A life coach isn’t just someone who points out what you should and shouldn’t be doing. They also:

  • Offer you support
  • Helps you build a support network around you
  • Answers your questions
  • Helps keep your motivation and enthusiasm high
  • Believes in you and what you want to achieve

Sometimes things get in the way of what you want – whether it’s your mindset, current actions and patterns or life generally. They limit your view and you cannot see how to move forward or what you need to do to make things happen. If life coaching can be of benefit AND you’re ready to make the necessary changes, isn’t it worth investing in that life coach AND your own future?

What are your experiences with a life coach? Are you ready to see a clear way forward and change your life? If you’re in the Berkshire area we can have a face to face, and if not lets meet up on Skype or G+Hangouts. If you want to discover yourself AND step past the confusion, why not take the first step and get in touch?

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Where’s Your Focus?

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Published: Tuesday, 23 June 2015
Written by Sarah PJ White

focusFocus can be a major issue for us all, in such a busy, fast paced world. With everything – from our family to the television – demanding our attention, it can be really difficult to maintain focus on what you want, those things you want to change for the better or even cut out of your life and how you generally want to feel.

In order to achieve anything, you need to keep your focus on the positive elements around it… but how can you do that and why is it so important?

Focus on what you DO want

Maintaining focus is a bit like exercising your body or yoga – it takes time and effort. You need to train and mould it to do what you want on a regular basis.

It’s so important that you train your mind to focus on what you DO want, as the Law of Attraction dictates: you get what you focus on.

This can seem obvious to some, however it’s really easy to think you’re focusing on what you want – but you’re actually doing it in a negative way!

For example, “I want to stop smoking” is good, however “I am now a non-smoker” is better. Why? Because, although they’re both focusing on what you DO want, the first focuses on WANTING to stop, whereas the second one focuses on BEING a non-smoker.

On the other hand “I don’t want to smoke anymore” is NOT a great thought to focus on, as it is actuall y focused on what you DON’T want. Not only that, but your brain doesn’t register the word “don’t” in that statement, so it just hears “I want to smoke”. And, as the Law of Attraction clearly states – you’ll end up getting more of what you’re focusing on.

Overcoming difficulties

Difficulties can arise when you have outside factors trying to change what you’re attempting to focus on. Whether it’s other people and their opinions, or even the views and beliefs of your neighbours, your religion or typical stereotyping, there will always be someone or something that wants you NOT to focus on what you’re wanting to focus on, as they don’t want you to achieve what you’re aiming for!

The problem with those outside factors is, they will often play to your own fears and worries. If you’re not careful, you’ll let your focus wander back to your current reality, rather than the new reality you want to create for yourself.

So how can you improve your focus?

Here are a few tips to get you started on improving your focus:

  • ALWAYS focus on the positive
  • Make sure you’re focusing on what you want – not what you don’t want
  • Ramp up the positive emotions attached to what you want – really FEEL how it will be to have what you want
  • Ensure you’re using positive words whenever you’re relating to what you want
  • Watch what takes your attention and limit the negativity – especially the news, TV, soap dramas and negative people!

Finally, the most important thing to remember is NOT to beat yourself up when your focus drifts to the negative. Just acknowledge it has happened and switch your focus back to the positive.

What can you do this week to help switch your focus from negative to positive? Why not start by simply acknowledging when your focus is on something that has a negative feeling attached to it?

 Image courtesy of Minerva Studio/Dollar Photo Club

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Yoga Workshops Summer 2015

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Published: Monday, 29 June 2015
Written by Andrea Detchon

Are you enjoying your yoga classes? Do you want to delve deeper into the postures and sequences that Dru has to offer?


Starting Sunday 5th July 2015 are Summer Workshops.


Delving deeper into the postures and sequences in your Dru class.


Each workshop is only £20 for 3 hours of in depth yoga.


Increase your technical ability and enjoy your practice more.


Sunday 5th July - The Sun Energy Workshop

Learn the Dru Sun Sequence, Experience the Sun Meditation, Deepend your understanding of this energising sequence, how and when to modify and moving into the energetic experience.


Coming Soon


The Dru Power Sequence Workshop


EBR 4, 5 and 6 - Create your dreams come to reality Workshop


Transforming Old Patterns to Positive Habits


Medit ation Stage 1


Limited numbers so reserve your space at


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Laughter, the best medicine

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Published: Wednesday, 03 June 2015
Written by Sarah PJ White

laughterThe debate over the benefits of laughter have long been argued. Advocates of laughter will point out the benefits it has on the body and mind, whilst others will argue that you cannot isolate laughter as the main cause. However, if something has caused so much debate in the scientific world, there has to be something in it, and personally… I think laughter really IS the best medicine for everyone.

Cardio health and blood pressure

The act of laughing increases your pulse rate and blood pressure, and this makes you breathe faster. This is great for your body, as it sends more oxygen to the tissues in our body. If you’re really animated with your laughter (such as waving your arms around) you’ll increase these benefits even more!

Well-being and stress levels

Laughter is like a mini workout. It stretches our facial muscles obviously, but it also affects the other muscles in our body.

This extra mini workout for our body not only helps send more oxygen around our body, but it also helps us to relax too – inside and out. Our posture becomes more relaxed as our muscles get exercised, our diaphragm and lungs relax, aiding our breathing and the blood vessels in our body to relax too – meaning our blood can flow easier around our body.

Laughter and your mindset

When it comes to laughing, the benefits remain with you long after the laughter has ended. Your mood improves, you experience pain differently and burdens become lighter. There’s no doubt that laughter has an impact on your mindset.

Other benefits of laughter include:

  • Feeling lighter and more hopeful
  • Clears the cobwebs – leaving your more focused and alert
  • Helps to energeticall y ground and centre you
  • Eases anxiety and stress
  • Enhances relationships
  • Helps diffuse conflict

Laughter helps your social life

Let’s face it, a happy person acts like a magnet – we all want some of what they’re on – and laughter truly is infectious! We also find people who frequently laugh attractive; we want to be in that person’s company, so it goes without saying that a happy person is also a more sociable person. If you’re happy you’re more likely to want to be around other people too, as you’ll want to spread that joy.  

Laughter binds people together and helps create intimacy – so whether the scientific community agree or disagree, laughter is free and easy – so get out there and laugh! Ho Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee Hee

Image courtesy Minerva Studio/Dollar Photo Club


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