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Category: Article or Blog Published: Wednesday, 14 February 2018 Written by Sarah PJ White

We carry out various actions throughout our daily lives, from the mundane through to the bizarre. But often, these actions are in direct response to the stimuli around us, for example, when we react to how others are behaving. This results in us feeling a certain way – usually happy, annoyed, depressed or tired.

We then use this to dictate statements about how we are – such as, ‘I’m happy’, or ‘I’m tired’ – and we become those things. We cement in those feelings, as after all, we ARE those feelings, at that moment in time.

However, what if we chose instead, to take ownership of both our actions and our feelings, moods and emotions?

What does it mean to take ownership of both your actions and your feelings? Well it means choosing how you feel to everything, rather than feeling a certain way because of external stimuli.

When we make statements like ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I’m happy’, we’re saying in effect, ‘this is who I am, this is what I’m feeling’. It puts us at the mercy of being that way. It has an air of resignation about it, as we have no choice around how we feel.

However, when we choose how we feel, we’re taking ownership and deciding to feel a certain way. Statements we use them become ‘I choose to be happy’ and ‘I choose to be tired’.  These statements carry a whole new feeling around them, as they put you in firmly in the driving seat. The energy around them is higher, as you realise what you’re feeling is something you’re deciding to feel.

This has a knock-on effect as, suddenly, you ARE in charge of how you’re feeling. You realise you CAN choose your actions – even when it’s your feelings, emotions and behaviour.

Do you feel the difference?

Spend the next few days changing your terminology. Instead of making reactive statements about your feelings and emotions, opt instead, to make them a choice. Once you’ve mastered this, you can then spend time actively making new choices to turn negative feelings and emotions around. How? By simply making a new choice, at any moment you decide.

So next time someone is annoying you or you feel tired and lethargic, change the terminology. Instead of being that way and using ‘I am’ statements, decide to choose your actions with ‘I choose’ statementsand then turn them into a different higher, more positive vibrational feeling instead.

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