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Category: Article or Blog Published: Wednesday, 07 March 2018 Written by Sarah PJ White

With the year-end fast approaching, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed over Christmas, the New Year and what 2016 may have in store for you. However, regardless of whatever time of year we’re in, it’s crucial that you’re regularly planning time for yourself, as it will benefit your overall health and wellbeing, as well as your general happiness and mood. So why are these time-outs so important?

Slow down and give yourself time to process

General everyday life can be hectic, especially when it comes to family and work. We’re often on the go, from the minute we wake up until out head hits the pillow at bedtime – and this constant fast pace can result in stress.

One of the biggest problems is our breathing. When you’re stressed and rushing about, your breathing is shallow – meaning your body doesn’t get the oxygen it needs. This can affect your mood, awareness and your ability to think straight.

Taking the time to give yourself some ‘head space’, time to process thoughts and untangle problems, helps keep you from getting stressed, whilst taking the time to breath deep and slow, will ensure your body is getting the fuel it needs to process everything.

Recharge your batteries

Regular time-outs can give you valuable time to totally switch off and recharge your energy levels. This helps alleviate the symptoms of not only stress, but depression and lethargy too.

Spend this time doing whatever relaxes you – whether that’s reading a book, having a bath or walking outside.

A deeper connection

Taking a time-out for yourself also helps you better connect with yourself and your needs. You can listen and feel whatever emotions and thoughts you are having, as well as having the time to re-evaluate what you need to put you back into optimum status.

But there’s also the connection you have with the bigger picture, the universe, God, religion and whatever you believe in – and this is just as important.

Personal growth

Scheduling regular time slots for yourself also serves as a useful tool for personal growth too. Whether you want to try a new skill or sit and get to know you better, it’s all part of what makes you unique; part of your personal growth.

Giving yourself this valuable time is essential for your overall wellbeing AND it helps you serve others too – after all, you can only exceed others expectations of you, if you ARE the best version of you – so start looking after yourself and giving yourself the gift of time to do this.


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