The Tree Pose: simple, elegant AND important

Category: Article or Blog Published: Wednesday, 25 April 2018 Written by Sarah PJ White

The Tree Pose, or Vrikshasana, is a simple, elegant and important pose in yoga. Derived from the Sanskrit words ‘vriksha’, meaning tree and ‘asana’, meaning pose, the Tree pose is a basic yoga position, that teaches us all about stabi lity and balance.

It gives you the perfect opportunity to strengthen your body, whilst giving yourself a valuable time-out, in an otherwise busy day – enabling you to find your own inner peace and focus.

There are so many benefits that can be gleaned from this deceptively simple-looking pose, and some are detailed below.

Muscle toning and stretching

Vrikshasana builds inner and outer strength – especially the lower half of your body. Muscles, tendons and bones all benefit, including those in your feet, inner thighs, groin, calves and buttocks. It also strengthens the bones in your hips and pelvis.

It also stretches your back and arms. If you have high blood pressure however, you can still do the Tree Pose, but should avoid holding your arms above your head. Those with low blood pressure or suffering from insomnia or migraines, should avoid doing the Tree Pose altogether.

Focus and concentration

As with any yoga pose, the Tree Pose helps improve your focus and concentration. It brings your focus back to you and your body, as you feel it stretch those muscles and concentrate on not toppling to one side.

You can take the opportunity to have a valuable time-out, to let go of any physical and emotional worries and issues. You’ll feel your shoulders relax and can focus on getting your breathing even and regular.

Relieves sciatica

The Tree Pose can also benefit those suffering from sciatica, as it helps open the hips, relaxing and stretching the muscles in that area. As a side note, it is also said to help reduce flat feet too!

Get additional support

One thing to bear in mind is this pose isn’t as easy as it looks! It takes practice to balance steadily and gracefully on one leg! So, when you first attempt it , you may find it easier to stand with your back against a wall, until you have the strength and stability to carry out this pose independently.

As with many yoga poses, the Tree Pose isn’t about just getting into the position – it’s about maintaining it, long enough to allow it to benefit you. Take your time to get into this pose AND to stay there a while, to further build on those benefits!

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Image © Dasha Petrenko/Dollar Photo Club

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