Hello 2014!

Category: Article or Blog Published: Monday, 06 January 2014 Written by Andrea Detchon


Hello everyone! Hello 2014!

I do apologise for not blogging since October! I've been having such a great and busy time. All the work that goes into running your own business has been at times overwhelming. Still, I'm enjoying it much more than sitting at a desk staring out the window so all is good.

This year, I plan lots of exciting developments and creations. Firstly - weekly newsletters and blog posts. At the moment I am planning out what my regular week looks like so I can get good timings and not be overwhelming people with too many sendings. I have a venue for a weekly yoga class and in negotiations at the moments regarding costs and offers. Once I've it all sorted, I am advertising ! oooh. A first and exciting and nerve racking. or should that be wracking? hmmm.
Anyhow - my corporate yoga classes are still being run and I am excited to delve deeper into postures with my students. I've joined 4Networking community and am really excited about all the people I am getting to meet and the help they are offering along with what I can offer back to them.

Personally I've a busy year as my sister is getting married and there are a few trips up the country and off to Barcelona. Am really excited about that too.

I have created an ebook for January - 10 steps to beat the January blues with The Joy Scientist. Hopefully the link takes you right to the book on Kindle. Its having promotional days being COMPLETELY FREE ! from 17-20th January and also on the 31st January. Buy and read for a wonderful January. I'd love some feedback/comments as well - that way more people can download and hear about it and be happier and more joyful in their lives. Spread it round and pay it forward.

With that offer a couple of my other ebooks will also be free during those times - search for my name in amazon to locate them.

I'd love to do some Laughter sessions this year - get in touch if you want to be part of a laughing community in Berkshire, UK. I specify the UK bit as I am starting to get international fans(is that the right word)/followers. How even more exciting!

To keep in touch with my newsletters sign up here - http://eepurl.com/w_YjL - strange address but its a mailchimp list so your details are safe and I don't like to spam and I certainly wouldn't sell peoples details.

Going to sign off now, reminding you to download the Kindle ebooks, sign up to the newsletter connect in through social media and generally keep in touch! Bye for now

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