An overview to the chakras

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Everything comprises of energy – including our bodies. This energy flows and moves around us and within us. This invisible energy (or life force) is called Prana and it is associated with the seven main chakra points within our body, all aligned along our spine.

Energy flows through and around us

You can picture these chakras as spinning wheels or discos of energy, each associated with a different colour and vibration. Each of these discs of energy correspond to specific areas of our body – along with the associated nerves, organs, psychological, emotional and spiritual states within that area. In turn, these seven chakras regulate the flow of energy throughout our entire being.

So what are the seven chakras, what areas do they relate to and what do they affect?

#1: The root chakra

This red chakra is located at base of your spine, in the tailbone area. It is emotionally associated with our foundation and grounding in the world, along with feelings of security, safety and survival.

#2: The sacral chakra

Located between the public bone and navel, this yellow chakra is associated with our connection to others and our ability to accept others and new experiences. Emotionally, the sacral chakra is linked to feelings of wellbeing, desire, creativity and pleasure.

#3: The solar plexus chakra

Coloured orange, the solar plexus chakra is located in your upper abdomen/stomach area. It’s associated with feelings of confidence and control, so affects your self-confidence and esteem, self-worth, emotional life, ambition, sensitivity and how powerful we feel as an individual.

#4: The heart chakra

The heart chakra is within the centre of chest. Coloured green, it needs little explanation – as it is emotionally aligned with our ability to love, along with feelings of inner peace, love and joy.

#5: The throat chakra

The throat chakra is coloured a pale blue/ turquoise colour and affects our ability to communicate with others – but also is responsible for our self-expression of feelings and our truth.

#6: Third eye chakra

This chakra is a beautiful indigo colour and is located on your forehead, between the eyes. It regulates our focus and ability to see the big picture, along with our intuition, imagination, feelings of knowing, perception, and ability to plan and make decisions.

#7: The crown chakra

This is the highest chakra, located at the very top of our head, and is coloured violet. It helps us to be fully connected spiritually. However it also emotionally enables us to see our inner and outer beauty, as well as our ability to connect to our higher purpose. The crown chakra also helps us find understanding and acceptance.

What happens if the energy flow through the chakras gets blocked?

We want these chakras to stay open and flowing, in order to help us feel positive, happy and energetic. But sometimes they do get slowed down and blocked, resulting in physical ailments, aches and pains and even negative thoughts and feelings.

Understandably, these blockages need to be dealt with – both the physical symptoms and the corresponding chakra energy block – in order to ensure the energy is allowed to flow throughout us. So next time you’re feeling out of sorts or unwell, take a look at the location and/or the emotional feelings involved, to see what chakra you need to work on and clear.

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