The importance of grounding and protecting your energy

Category: Article or Blog Published: Tuesday, 01 December 2015 Written by Sarah PJ White

Grounding helps you control energies that flow through you. It helps to keep you tethered and focused on the here and now – and this is especially useful when you’re working on visualisations, angels and guides. But it’s not just the more ‘spiritual;’ people that need to ground – it’s beneficial to all of us.

If you’re spending a lot of time feeling generally lost and unsettled, forgetful and/or shaky, the chances are you’re not grounded. Like an electrical current needs earthing, people need to ‘earth’ their energy too.

What can grounding do for you?

Grounding is so important to your emotional, physical and mental health. It helps promote a positive feeling of wellbeing and connection, helping you to feel settled, confident and secure. Grounding can also help improve your sleep pattern and your overall energy throughout the day.

How to ground – a simple exercise

  • Place both feet flat on the ground
  • Take a couple of slow, deep breaths in and out
  • Imagine tree roots extending from your feet, down into the earth. These tree roots go right down into the earth’s core.
  • If you wish, you can then release negative or excess energy and stress from your body, by taking it down and out through the roots.

Protecting your energy

Healers, coaches and therapists who work with other people on a regular basis need to protect their energy, as they often have to deal with clearing negative energies. But we all interact with different people on a daily basis, meaning it’s vitally important for us all to protect our energy.

Why you need to protect your energy

Have you ever been in a room with someone and felt drained when you left? Your energy is what helps you feel alive and connected with the world – but if you don’t protect it, other people can drain it from you – leaving you feeling energetically drained.

But we also absorb other people’s energies – again, leaving us with unexplained mood changes and feeling really tired. We interact with the vibrations of everyone around us, so protecting our own energy helps prevent this happening – especially with the lower, heavier vibrations of negativity and heavy emotions etc.

How to protect your energy

  • Imagine yourself surrounded by a protective bubble of white light, completely enveloping you from head to foot.
  • You can fill the bubble with this light and positive energy, surrounding you with love and joy.
  • Now picture negativity and/or dark, heavy emotions as arrows coming towards you. These arrows simply bounce of your bubble and fall gently to the ground.

This simple visualisation technique can be carried out throughout the day, prior to spending time with negative people or in busy offices etc. – basically any situation that feels like you need some extra protection.

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