Start and end your day right with these simple three-step habits

Category: Article or Blog Published: Monday, 10 December 2018 Written by Sarah PJ White

Do you wake up in the morning and drag yourself out of bed? Maybe you go to bed at the end of a day, feeling drained and worrying about what the morning will bring?

Whatever situation you’re in and whatever your circumstances, starting and ending your day right will ensure you’re feeling happier, will help build your positivity and guarantee a better night’s sleep.

Start your day right

This simple three-step habit is a great morning ritual. Carry out these steps as soon as you wake – and before you’ve got out of bed.

Give your body a good stretch – Stretching in bed gives your body a boost. It awakens your muscles, helps get the blood flowing around your body and leaves you feeling connected and ready to embrace the day ahead.

Ensure your first thoughts are positive – Getting into the habit of having positive thoughts begins with those very first thoughts you have when you wake up. This is essential, if you want to improve your general mood and wellbeing throughout the day. Make “I’m going to have a great day” your mantra every morning.

Clear your head – Whilst playing a favourite piece of music, write two pages of whatever is in your head. This helps to clear the mind fog associated with worry and anxiety, and also leaves room for more positive thoughts. The music will help to get you started and will, over time, serve as a key to allowing your thoughts to flow easily from head to paper.

End your day on a high

Carrying out this simple three-step evening ritual will enable you to end your day in a positive frame of mind, whilst clearing your head and easing yourself into a better night’s sleep.

Gratitude exercise – No ritual would be complete without a gratitude exercise. When you first start practising this exercise, start with writing down just three things – over time you can work up to ten a day. Be grateful for anything – from a great mug of tea to landing that promotion – and everything in between!

Write down your worries and reminders – Get down onto paper any worries you may have on your mind and/or things you need to remember for the next day. This gets them out of your head and allows you to have a clear mind, ready for switching off.

Focus on your breathing and happy things – Now your mind is clear, you can focus on taking slow, calm, deep and long breaths to allow you to fall off to sleep. Whilst you’re drifting off, think of all the happy things that have happened throughout the day. If you’re struggling to find happy things, focus on happy things that will be happening over the coming days and months.

Follow these two simple three-step habits and you’ll find it so much easier to switch off at the end of each day. You’ll also find your sleep pattern improves and, you’ll not only be looking forward to bedtime – you’ll also be embracing the coming day ahead too!

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