How an elastic band can help you cut negativity

Category: Article or Blog Published: Sunday, 20 December 2020 Written by Sarah PJ White

If you want a happier, healthier life, you need to limit and ultimately cut out the negative thoughts that run through your head. Often though, this is easier said than done! This is where the humble elastic band comes in handy.

Negative thoughts love having company. It’s really easy to start off with just one and, before you know it, you’ve downward spiralled on a helter-skelter ride of negativity. Have the same thought several times over – and you have a full-blown, newly created habit.

Changing your focus

It’s a lot easier to break a negative thought before it gets to the habit stage. You simply have to change your focus onto something more positive. You can stop straight after the initial thought, as you’ll often recognise that the thought itself isn’t best serving you.

However, if the habit is already formed, it’s a lot easier to repeat the spiral ride of negativity, before you’ve even noticed you’re on it. This is when it becomes more difficult to break the habit.

Using the band to reprogram your thought processes

Once you notice the negative thoughts you can ask yourself – is this thought helpful to me right now? If it is trying to draw your attention to something you need to address, then deal with the issue and appreciate that the thought has served you well . If however, the thought is just worry and noise – you need to consciously decide to break the thought pattern.

To do this, you need a short, sharp distraction to break the pattern. Often, mentally stating ‘STOP’ will suffice, as it brings your attention to the fact you don’t want this thought. However, you may need to bit more stimulus to draw your focus onto something else.

This is where the elastic band comes in handy. It literall y snaps your focus to the present – breaking the pattern of negativity that’s running in your head. You wear it on your wrist and snap it sharply, whilst you’re stating ‘STOP’. You attention will then instantly break from the negative thought pattern and onto your stinging wrist!

The band snap is only half of the solution

We’re looking to reprogram the negative thought patterns, not just alert ourselves to them – and this is why you need to follow the band snap through. Spend a minute or two thinking positive thoughts. Look to turn the negative thought into a positive one. You could also follow it up with a positive, calming affirmation too. The idea is to calm your mind and retrain it to think loving, positive and calming thoughts.

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