The power behind visualisation

Category: Article or Blog Published: Friday, 25 September 2015 Written by Sarah PJ White

Visualisation is often seen, by those who don’t regularly use it, as just daydreaming and idle wishing. When used correctly, visualisation has the power to change your life, improve your health and increase your wealth and prosperity.

However visualisation has so many hidden benefits and if often used by coaches to ramp up a client’s intention and motivation. So what is the power (or powers) behind visualisation?

Power of focus

Visualisation enables you to get a laser-like focus on what you want, instead of just wishful thinking. You’re actually focusing on a specific sequence of events, whereas a daydream is often just letting your mind wander. It is the difference between concentrated thoughts and focus, versus generalised unconscious thoughts and subconscious habits.

Power of conviction

There’s a reason coaches use visualisation exercises on their clients – it powers up their conviction and motivation. Visualisation ensures you get really clear on what you want AND enables you to imagine what your life will be like once you have what you’re aiming for. This, in turn, will ramp up your conviction around achieving it.

Power of emotion

If you add emotion into your visualisation, you’ll be doing two things. Number one, you’ll be further increasing your motivation and conviction, as you’ll be visualising both what you want AND what it feels like to have it and to live with that desired end result.

But also, number two – you’ll be fooling your brain about already having your desired end result. You see, your brain doesn’t know the difference between a consistent vividly imagined image and something you’ve actually done. What does this mean? Well, it makes it EASIER for you to achieve what you want, as your brain thinks you’ve already achieved it before!

The secret of visualisation

Consistency is the real secret behind visualisation, as touched on in the section above. It isn’t enough to just think about what you want. You have to REGULARLY think about it and REGULARLY imagine what it would feel like to have it. By ramping up the emotions, the colours and the sounds, you’re on track to making your brain believe you have it already – and the Law of Attraction will be activated, to ensure you have what you wish.

And that is the driving force behind visualisation. Visualisation is a way for you to change your thoughts and your mental images, to replace them with better ones, ones that vibrate at a higher level. This in turn, raises your expectation and motivation, along with your emotions and your senses – and you believe you CAN and WILL have what you’re visualising in your mind’s eye.

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