What colour is happy?

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Different cultures and circumstances will dictate what a colour means to us. This form of non-verbal communication is known the world over. We all know that colours DO affect us – regardless of whether we believe in the psychology behind them or not – but the feelings we have around a certain colour can change, depending on our own energy and thought patterns at the time.

That is why we use both specific colours and generalised terminology to help vocalise how we feel, i.e. ‘black (or grey) mood’, ‘white lie’, ‘tickled pink’, ‘out of the blue’, ‘get the green light’ and ‘yellow-bellied’.

How colour can affect our mood

We often subconsciously link a colour back to how we perceive that colour in nature. For example, blue and green are often seen as relaxing (think the sky, water, trees and grass), so it therefore makes us feel relaxed and calm. We store hundreds of references to each colour and, when we see this colour, we immediately associate the dominant referenced feeling to our mood.

It therefore goes without saying, we can build on these internal references and enhance our feelings through our choice of colour. Surround yourself with red and, depending on your association with it, you could feel brave, powerful, passionate and daring or alternatively, panicked, in danger, scared and unsettled.

What colours are associated with positive thoughts?

When it comes to feeling generally positive, you’ll want to sway more towards the warmer colours – such as red through yellow and orange. These colours tend to be seen as warm, energising and happy:

How we can expand on that colour and happiness connection

So if you want to feel happy, surround yourself with colours that imply happiness to you. Look to decorate your office and living areas with positive, happy, warm and energising colours and wear colours that reflect the same.

Another great way to expand on your happiness connection is to visualise yourself surrounded by a bright light of your chosen happy colour. Silver, white, purple and yellow are often seen as positive, spiritual and regal colours – leaving you feeling energised, special and positive – making them great visualisation colours.

However, when it comes to decorating your bedroom, look to go for the more calming and soothing colours, such as greens, pale yellows and blues – to ensure you get a good night’s sleep!

Oh, and what colour is happy? If you agree with the colour experts out there, it’s orange! If you don't agree join the conversation on facebook, and if you want help discovering what your happy is my 4 week course The Joy Journey is a great place to start, or my Finding Your Joy Formula 1:1 coaching is the fast track focussed way.


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