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Category: Article or Blog Published: Tuesday, 18 August 2015 Written by Sarah PJ White

Health, wellbeing and happiness – the top three things on everyone’s wish list. Whether it’s through our careers, our leisure activities or our family and friends, we all go in search of these three things on a daily basis. We watch what we eat, make sure we exercise and look for pleasure in the activities we participate in… but are we so busy looking externally, we miss how important the inner work is?

External work is only part of the solution

When it comes to improving our health, wellbeing and happiness, the external steps we take DO go a long way to help. They ensure your body is in better shape and more able to support the physical actions you want to take – whether that’s doing more exercise or a bit of rest and relaxation.

However most people stop, once they’ve completed those external actions – meaning they’re missing out on completing the overall solution!

You need to take a look under the hood too

You see, you could have all of the external elements sorted but, if your internal filters aren’t matching the outside, you’ll struggle. You may find you’re completing the actions you feel SHOULD make your health, wellbeing and happiness improve, but find they’re not improving at all.

Dealing with your mindset and emotions are just as, if not MORE, important than chasing external solutions.

Your mindset

Let me give you an example of how important mindset is. You can do all the exercise you like – but if you’re telling yourself you’re ill, weak or pathetic – you’re certainly not going to acknowledge how well you’re feeling and may even end up sabotaging your own successes.

As the Law of Attraction states; what you focus on, expands and you get more of it. Your focus will be firmly where your mind is – so make sure that it’s on those things that DO make you feel healthy, well and generally happy!

Your emotions

This goes hand-in-hand with your mindset. You want to get your mindset so focused on what you want, you FEEL it at a core level, deep inside you. For example, you could say to yourself that you’re happy, and even act as if you’re happy on the outside, but if you’re not feeling it – you’ll not BE happy.

Do the necessary work

In order to experience wellbeing, health and happiness, you need to put in BOTH the internal and external work. Look to:

  • Visualise what being well, healthy and happy LOOKS like to you – at every opportunity.
  • Experience the emotions connected with wellbeing, health and happiness. For example, how does it FEEL to be calm, to eat healthy foods and to smile? Expand that feeling around your body.
  • Take the positive ACTIONS needed to experience more of those feelings. This could be as simple as drinking decaffeinated tea or going for a daily walk etc. – then do more of them!
  • Deal with any negative THOUGHTS you have that crop up around these areas and nurture the positive ones.
  • Let negative EMOTIONS go. Acknowledge (without judgement) that they’re there, name them for what they are – but then work to let them go from your body and mind – as they’re not serving you.

What’s been your biggest takeaway from today’s blog post? Do you struggle with your mindset and emotions, or maybe action is your stumbling block? What can you do this week to make a change for the better?  How about joining the next round of The Joy Journey?

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