Are you letting yourself be happy?

Category: Article or Blog Published: Monday, 27 July 2015 Written by Sarah PJ White

We all want to be happy. Who wouldn’t? We constantly strive to find happiness around us, in the work we do, with our family and friends, and in our lives generally. We even look for happiness, by buying nice things to adorn ourselves and our homes, as well as going to new places and experiencing new sights and sounds. All of this is just great… but are you actually LETTING yourself be happy?

Avoiding what’s good for us

You see, we all look for outside factors to make us happy. The things we buy, the people we hang around with and the places we visit, are all our attempts to FEEL happy. But often we miss the obvious – happiness is a state of BEING. We can feel happy any time we like.

The problem is we often AVOID those things that actually make us happy! We may know that listening to music and dancing around our living room makes us feel happy. The same may apply to gardening, painting or laying on the summer grass and staring up at the night sky.

But when was the last time you LET yourself do those things?

Or did you just not do them, because you were afraid of what others might say or how you may look?

The feelings around happiness

It was all so much easier when you were a child! You could run around, play, imagine and do whatever FELT good to you. As adults though, we feel we have to play the part of an adult. That may include being ‘sensible’ and ‘grown up’ or ‘acting your age’. So we learn how to push down those things that make us happy – and the associated feelings of happiness.

As an adult your life is now so busy. If you want to feel happy, you want to go straight for happy! Yet there are so many feelings associated with happiness – and these feelings escalate and grow into happiness – if we let them.

But we often don’t have the TIME to slowly get there. We don’t always remember that smiling lots can lead to feelings of happiness or that having a quick sing-along to a song can raise our spirits – and if we did this over several days, we’d feel happier more of the time.

Start being happy!

So what makes you happy? What makes you smile and what makes you feel lighter and inspired? Make a list of those things and commit to doing at least one every day. At the end of each day review what made you smile, the things that made you feel good, great and fantastic!

Give yourself permission to do what FEELS good, without worrying how it will look or what others will say. Do a little of this every day and you’ll soon start flexing that happiness muscle!

What have you got on your happiness list? What simple things can you implement to start being happy?  Share on the facebook page.

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