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Category: Article or Blog Published: Monday, 13 July 2015 Written by Sarah PJ White

We all have a wealth of knowledge and experiences inside of us. Often we will know, at a soul level, what we need to do and say, what direction we need to go in and what decision we need to make. It is this knowing that we all our intuition.

Otherwise known as a ‘gut feeling’, ‘sixth sense’ ‘instinct’ or ‘a general knowing’, our intuition is our inbuilt guidance system. It understands us at a deeper level than we often understand ourselves. It instinctively knows what is right for us and it always wants what’s best for us… so how can you tune into your intuition?

Start by giving yourself a break

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a break and relax. You cannot force your intuition to give you an answer – especially when you’re trying so hard to make a decision or choose a direction. Step outside (both literally and metaphorically!) and breathe. Give yourself the time and space to get calm, centred and relaxed. It is only when you give yourself permission to stop, that you can hear and feel the guidance within you – the fog will clear and the answer to your dilemma or question will rise to the conscious part of your mind.

It is then that you will feel as though the weight has been lifted from your shoulders. The answers will come clearer to you and you can actually hear that little voice of guidance inside.

Write it down

Another great way to get connected with your intuition is to journal. It isn’t a coincidence that the vast majority of successful people keep a journal or diary. Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a great way to connect deeper with yourself. Not only does it give your intuition a voice, it also enables you to be totally honest with yourself too – as there’s no fear of upsetting anyone else!

Writing in a journal is more than just keeping a diary – it’s a way of ‘free writing’. Free writing is where you write the thoughts, feelings and emotions you’re having without any rationalisation or logic involved. You’re just writing down the first things that come into your head – without questioning them in any way.

Learn to trust yourself

As mentioned above, it can be really difficult to trust in what you’re thinking and feeling, without letting rationalisation and logic get in the way. We’re bought up to be rational and logical, to be ‘sensible’.

But intuition is the gap between instinct and reason. It isn’t logical or rational and, most times, it cannot be explained. It’s that inner knowing that something is just ‘right’ for you, so learn to trust that feeling.

Stop dismissing and ignoring it – learn to listen to those flashes of inspiration; that deep feeling of ‘just knowing’. Don’t be afraid of it either, as fear will prevent you from taking action – and that is the last step towards tuning into your intuition – always take action on it!

As you listen to your intuition it may start to say things you are not expecting! If you want to learn more about journalling or listening to your intuition The Joy Journey is a great place to start click here to find out more.

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