Would life coaching REALLY benefit you?

Category: Article or Blog Published: Tuesday, 30 June 2015 Written by Sarah PJ White

Life coaching. We understand that well-known personalities, politicians and actors etc all benefit from hiring a life coach. We even see the benefits they receive from that coaching – the habits they’ve broken, the positive ones they’ve gained and the spark they have back in their eyes – it’s obvious they love their life and are happy.

When it comes to ourselves hiring a life coach though, we hesitate. We worry about how we will actually benefit from life coaching. We stress about the cost and we think it’s something reserved for the ‘rich’ people.

The limiting beliefs we have

Those thoughts in themselves, actually highlight the REAL benefits, you as an individual will get from life coaching. They illustrate those limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back from:



  • Happiness
  • Financial success
  • Improved self confidence and esteem
  • Living your life, your way
  • Stretching yourself to achieve the goals and dreams you have

Isn’t coaching just for sports?

Look at it another way. When you mention ‘coaching’ most people will immediately think of sports coaching. We see the local football team, tennis player or other sporting individual who wants to improve their game, take on a coach.

After working with that coach they perform better, both as a team and as individuals, the individual and team as a whole are happier, their sponsors are happier, their fans are happier and the team’s financial and self worth improves.

We can SEE the benefits they are getting from their coach and consider it money well spent.

Individual life coaching

As an individual, life coaching can give you all of the same benefits. You want to change or improve an area of your life – whether it’s your finances, confidence, lifestyle, career etc. – and you want to see results. Like those sports players, you could keep practising and training, waiting (and hoping) you’ll improve and get better – or you could hire someone to look at what you’re doing and see if it’s:

  • WHAT you’re doing or not doing (your current stance)
  • HOW you’re doing (or not) doing it (your action steps and the practicalities)
  • WHY you’re doing it or not doing it (your mindset and those limiting thoughts and beliefs)

They can then give you a clear action plan to move you forward.

Life coaching is more than just coaching

A life coach isn’t just someone who points out what you should and shouldn’t be doing. They also:

  • Offer you support
  • Helps you build a support network around you
  • Answers your questions
  • Helps keep your motivation and enthusiasm high
  • Believes in you and what you want to achieve

Sometimes things get in the way of what you want – whether it’s your mindset, current actions and patterns or life generally. They limit your view and you cannot see how to move forward or what you need to do to make things happen. If life coaching can be of benefit AND you’re ready to make the necessary changes, isn’t it worth investing in that life coach AND your own future?

What are your experiences with a life coach? Are you ready to see a clear way forward and change your life? If you’re in the Berkshire area we can have a face to face, and if not lets meet up on Skype or G+Hangouts. If you want to discover yourself AND step past the confusion, why not take the first step and get in touch?

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