About Us

Andrea Detchon the Joy Scientist helping people feel more joyful and happy about their livesAndrea is a scientist at heart, she loves to find out how people work, what they are thinking and whether there are things that they want to change. The transformation from feeling like you're standing in fog to being outside on a sunshine day is what she finds pure joy in. Andrea has a large toolbox to customise your experience to what you want and need. Allowing you to be fullfilled and take ownership and control of your life.

Having worked in large corporate businesses for fifteen years, Andrea took up yoga to relax. Falling in love with Dru Yoga, Andrea qualified as a teacher in April 2014. She teachers classes to people still in the corporate world, who are often stuck at their desks all day. Andrea trained as a Laughter Yoga Leader in 2013 and encourages everyone to enjoy and laugh their way through challenges.

Andrea loves to train and has done so in many different healing systems, for example, Reiki, crystal healing, hopi ear candles and angel cards.

She loves seeing the change in flexibilty and increased relaxation and productivity in her clients. She says' I want everyone to try yoga, whatever style takes your fancy. Try many and find the style you like the best, and keep doing that. Yoga is only about all about unity of mind, body and soul. Your connection to yourself.'

Andrea is a member of the Dru Professional Network and Laughter Yoga Network and is fully insured with Balens.

Andrea's transformation and development continues as she moves into life coaching and developing programmes to use all the skills and knowledge she has gained in her training. 

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